Monday, 22 August 2011

Boonie Stomp'n Expedition #2

Wow! I am so far behind.... A few weeks ago Ryan and I set off with our friends, Nathan and Ann Marie Wilson, to explore Marboro Cave and coast line. It  was a very simple walk down to the coast. The cliffs stretched on as far as we could see. The seclusion of the area is peaceful and thought provoking. Standing on the edge of the cliff and seeing the vastness of the ocean truly puts God's magnitude in perspective. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below became deafening at some points. The passage found in Psalm 42:7-8 came to mind, "Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me- a prayer to the God of my life." Growing up in Asheville, it is easy to take advantage of the magnitude of God's creation. But is is also easy for my breath to be taken away by the power of the waves. Knowing that his hand orchestrates the flow of the water, his words command the waves to crash comforts me in the reminder that he has orchestrated every detail of my life. He has paved the path I will walk. He has provided for all my needs.

Often, those needs require a sense of humor. Often, they require the company of great friends. Often they require the need for a gifted eye and quick finger photographer. That need has been met by our friend Ann Marie. While standing on the edge of the cliff, Ann Marie saw waves splashing behind Ryan. "What a cool picture! Emily go stand by Ryan!" I climbed across some rocks and slid in beside Ryan. At that moment this picture was snapped:

Then, like it was in slow motion... Ann Marie threw her arms in the air, her mouth opened wide... and before we knew it, that wave that God commanded to crash, crashed right on top of us. I mean it was win $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Video good.

The four of us doubled over laughing. You could not have timed that "really cool picture" any better. No one thought the wave would have crashed that high. We were standing about 15 feet above the ocean.

We continued to explore the caves and cliffs around the area. Tons of crabs climbing on the rocks below, the cliffs twisted and climbed out across the water. The solitude was intoxicating, until the peacefulness was interrupted by a rumble of thunder.

looks pretty intense huh?

Nathan and Ann Marie

We headed back to the cave and swimming hole. It is fed by an underground freshwater stream. Ryan and I discussed how it felt like the Davidson River in NC. Please note the 'rope swing' in the picture below.

The cave proved to be good cover from the rain. Offered a place to cool off and rinse off the salt water. We have heard there are 3 different caves, 2 you have to swim under the rocks to get too. We were able to find 1 of the hidden caves. It was barely big enough for the 4 of us to get in. The water ranged from waste deep to at least 15 feet. Ryan tried to touch the bottom but to no avail. On once side of the cave the rock provided a place to jump into the pool below. Hang on tight or you may be sliding down the algae covered rock. But duck when you jump your your head will hit the top of the cave.  The water was crystal clear and the rocks were stained with the slightest shades of red, purple, green, and blue. The pictures do no justice. 

Needless to say we are still having a wonderful time. Until our next adventure from our rock in the middle of the Pacific..... 

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