Tuesday, 25 June 2013

George and Kathy are world travelers!

"A while" back Mom and Dad came for a visit. No, Mom and Dad did not come for  second visit. Yes, it has taken nearly a year for this to get posted. Epic failure on my part. Apologies. As you may recall they opted not to follow their preplanned flight itinerary, instead they arrived in Guam about 10 hours later than expected after visiting Houston, L.A, and Tokyo.

We find them meandering out of customs at the Guam International Airport. Mom with her purse, Dad with a back back and carry on suitcase.  Did they really manage to pack that light? Nope. Luggage seems to be in Texas. Not really a big problem. As long as you have your swim suit you'll be fine. Fine they were. Even though their jet-setting adventure dumped them in Guam at 4:00 am, the adventure continued on full speed.

In the 12 or so days they were here we hiked to beautiful secluded beaches, climbed through caves, balanced on the edge of cliffs and scaled waterfalls. We snorkeled in some of the most beautiful water, gazed over fields where battles were fought for freedom, walked through ruins of forts and building from centuries ago. We fed a carabao, rode a carabao, even managed to kiss a carabao. We ate Chamorro street food, delicious fresh fruit and nearly every food genre  from around the globe. In those few short days, Mom and Dad had the chance to see why I always say words can not describe the beauty of Guam. Even through the buildings make it seem like you've walked back into the 60's, Guam is a hidden gem in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Mom fell in love with one of my favorite snack shops. Mt. Lam Lam sno cones has become a staple in my diet. We must have visited them every day at least once, maybe twice. Dad fell in love with one of my favorite new hobbies. Our dive buddies still talk about him playing it all cool as they got ready to take him on a "discover scuba". "I've done a lot of neat things in my life" were the exact words out of his mouth. After Dad and Ryan surfaced from the dive, Dad recounted the experience as "That was the coolest thing I've ever done in my life". There is just something exhilarating about breathing underwater.

It was truly an adventure showing them this place we've called home for (at that time)14 months. For them I know it was a vacation of a life time. For me it was a blessing. Not just to have them in my home for a while, but to be able to look my mom in the eye and tell her "I will be fine" just before she and Dad head through the security gate knowing the next time I stand in that airport will be to send my husband to Afghanistan.

The adventures continue on our rock in the middle of the Pacific.

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