Sunday, 29 May 2011

Agat Mango Festival

A holiday weekend calls for a new adventure. We have attempted to join in on several festivals since we've been here. However, if you recall, the banana festival was a slight let down. Then we drove about as far away from our house as possible here on the island to visit the Coconut festival. We found the park... but no festival. Appears I (Em) read a magazine that had a misprint on the date. So at attempt 3 we ventured out to the Mango Festival. 

Best news is we found it. Second best news is it was more of what we expected. Next best news is we had a great time. 


The park was on the coast over looking a point on the backside of Navy. Having the water as the back drop of the festival is a wonderful touch. Too bad Main Street in Hendersonville doesn't follow the Pacific Ocean. What a wonderful location for the Apple Festival! 

Vendors were demonstrating how to pickle mangoes, make mango smoothies, fry mango 'empanadas' (for lack of a better word), selling mango jam, explaining the differences in the varieties of mangoes, and proudly displaying their most beautiful, largest, and most bizarre mangoes grown. 

Most Beautiful Mango

Most Bizarre Mango (note the post-it. no ribbon, just a post-it)

Largest Mango (it is the biggest mango I've ever seen)

Along with all the mango treasures the festival was alive with performances from local artists and dancers. The air was full of the aroma of funnel cakes, cotton candy, traditional bbq, and Thai food.  Relief was found from the heat with fresh squeezed fruit juices and sno-cones. I think I could get a job. Would I be considered a 'carny'? Cause that would be awesome.

Ryan is very excited about his home made mango jam. The treasures we find can make a good day wonderful.

Before we left we purchased a few plants in attempt to begin planting a little garden. The vendors assured us the ones we selected will thrive in lots of sun and with little care. Hopefully that means we can actually keep them alive. Guess we will see. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Hope yours is as adventurous as ours on our rock in the middle of the Pacific. 

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