Sunday, 15 May 2011

laugh with us...

We all know Ryan and I are having a wonderful time here in Guam. Even though it is beautiful paradise living occasionally it has, well... dirty moments. We are often asked what Ryan does at work... well may this picture confirm that he really does work.

Let me see if I can get this all straight. The squadron he is with, 554 REDHORSE, have recently moved to Guam from Korea. Due to their relocation they are actually building their compound from the ground up. Well, this past week they finished clearing the jungle in preparation to start building. What do you do with all the cleared brush? Burn it. He came home everyday last week covered head to toe in dirt and soot. Our truck smells like a bond fire and the house still has the lingering smell of a burning fireplace.

In preparation for the next 3 years we decided to purchase 'good' snorkel and scuba gear. Our search for a good deal lead us down to the Navy base's dive shop. With the help of a very patient employee, we each selected our mask, snorkel, boots, and fins. We are ready to hit the open water.

Well, maybe we should just snorkel for now. But dive lessons and certification are in the near future! Marianas Trench here we come....

maybe not the actual trench, but the view driving to the beach on base. Pretty huh?
Coming up: your personal tour of our humble abode... but until then signing off from our rock in the middle of the pacific.

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