Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Other Part of January

So we already gave you the 'short version' of January. However, the 'short version' left out 2 very exciting weeks when Steve and Leslie came to visit. With limited time on the island we jumped in feet first exploring... well showing off... where we call home.

We hiked, visited caves, enjoyed the beautiful beaches, took a personal island tour (complements of resident tour guide Emily and chauffeur Ryan), chased fish as we snorkeled, chased more fish as we fished (in the Marianas Trench... how cool is that?), introduced Steve and Leslie to all of our favorite restaurants, ventured to Chamorro Village, spent a rainy day at Underwater World (the world longest tunnel aquarium),  and stood amazed at God's creation each day as we discovered something new and spectacular.

It was impossible to select just a few pictures to show you from their visit, so I made a video. Hope you enjoy!
                                                      Steve and Leslie's Visit Part 1

Part 2

....and now you want to come visit our rock in the middle of the Pacific....

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