Monday, 2 April 2012

How did we measure a year?

How do you measure a year? (Cliché I know, but entertain me a bit)

Just one year ago Ryan and I, joined by our mom’s and dad’s, arrived at the RDU airport with over 200 lbs of luggage to board a plane bound for Houston, continuing on to Honolulu, and finally, 23 hours later, arrived in Guam.

So how do we measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets (some of the most exquisite I have ever seen), in midnights (gazing at the stars, Mars, Saturn, and Venus), in cups coffee (oh so much wonderful coffee), in inches, in miles (approximately 7,852 miles from Asheville to Guam), in laughter (nights of playing Just Dance with friends), in strife (okay, maybe not so much strife).

We have spent 52 weeks of wondering what the next turn holds. 365 days of new adventures. 525,600 moments so dear.

We have had a spectacular year. We have both experienced several “firsts.” We made our ‘first’ move as a married couple, purchased our ‘first’ car together, I got my ‘first’ grown-up job, we celebrated our ‘first’ Christmas a way from family (but surrounded by great friends), we began serving in our ‘first’ youth group (what a great way to reflect on how our relationship started) we even went on our first deep sea fishing trip. We have found great hiking spots with spectacular views, have discovered new foods and new takes on old favorites, developed a love for snorkeling and have even completed the classroom portion of our scuba certification (to be completed on April 14).

Needless to say the past 525,600 minutes have been field with highs and lows. Minutes flew by with laughter, tears, hugs, joy and memories that I have strived to share with each of you through photos. We have taken nearly 1,500 pictures since arriving in Guam. The only way we can truly measure this year is by love. The year was filled with moment of laughter, memories, and experiences that we will cherish forever.

We can not wait to see what year 2 in Guam holds for us. 1/3 of the way through the assignment... then who knows where our adventures will take us.

Until then, we send our love, from our rock in the middle of the Pacific. 

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