Thursday, 7 April 2011


Hafa Adai! (For all us "southern speakers"it's pronounced [half-a-day]) 

Greetings from Guam. We arrived safe and sound with all our luggage on Sunday evening. After checking in to the hotel we called it quits to the never ending day. We timed it. 23 hours and 26 minutes. Who knew the sun actually stays up all day.

So far we've enjoyed some quality time by the pool. (See pics on Facebook) I think I could get used to this life. The ocean is really as gorgeous as it looks. Close to the shore it is a clear turquoise and as you venture out (perhaps where the island drops off into the deepest waters in the world) the water turns into a spectacular shade of midnight blue. Warning: the beach is not like my favorite vacation destination, Myrtle Beach. As soon as you hit the water the ground is coral. Bring your water shoes! It will tear your feet to pieces.

Tuesday, after spending about an hour at the DMV, we picked up our truck from port. What a blessing it arrived a month early! With in a few hours of being transportation independent we successfully drove [almost] the entire length of the island. Go us! It only takes about an hour to drive all the way around. No long road trips for here. 

Most of our time has been spent house hunting. There are some VERY nice places and some VERY uhmm, whats the word, GHETTO places. Lets find a place somewhere in the middle. 

As far as houses... we looked at 4 places Monday evening and 4 places Tuesday. Only 1 is worth telling you about from Monday.... basically its a huge house that a Japanese man remodeled into 4 condos. But it is fully furnished with custom built furniture. As stereotypical as it sounds.... everything was the top of the line electronically. For example- the door does not have a key lock, its a digital key pad. The television and Bose surround sound in the master bedroom and the living room are top of the line, the unit is totally sound proof. The appliances in the kitchen would require a manual to learn to use. "Living here for dummies" do they sell that at Barnes and Nobles? Both the guest bathroom and the master bath have stand up showers and tubs, the master being a Jacuzzi tub. There is a Jacuzzi on the patio. You need a remote to operate the television, lights, ceiling fans, blinds, and black out curtains. The unit was breath taking. I told Ryan I would not be able to leave the house by myself cause I would never figure out how to get out the door. Guess that is not the place for us.

Reality is we are looking at a house in a neighborhood about 8 minutes from base. The neighborhood is composed of about 90% military. Great news for all of you wanting to come for a visit, we have 3 guest rooms. Plenty of room. Can't wait for y'all to come!  Bad news, we don't have any of that cool stuff like the Japanese man. Who wants to sit in a Jacuzzi anyway? Its like 90 degrees outside. 

Well on that note, I hear its supposed to get to 70 is Asheville so y'all enjoy! 
We will do our best to keep everyone updated on all the adventures, experiences and discoveries here on our rock in the middle of the Pacific. 

Love you!


  1. Blog is a fabulous idea! Too bad you didn't go with the super fancy house....that would have made some great stories! Love You guys! Laura :)

  2. i would have been more than happy to come and bring my techno savvy hubby with me to help figure out all the gadgets and teach you how to get in and out of your house. =) glad you are safe and sound. we know a catholic chaplain there named mario catungal. if you run into him give him a big hug and tell him the barfield girls said hi to 'uncle catungal'. (mckenna didn't get the whole 'father catungal' thing right and just started calling him uncle catungal! kinda cute.)
    Still wish colorado had been on the way to guam....