Thursday, 28 April 2011

Move In Day(s)

After exactly 2 months of being homeless and 23 days in a hotel we have moved into our house. As we drove to the house Tuesday morning for the pre-move in walk through we were giddy with excitement of cooking our own dinner, having a place to lounge and relax (without having to climb over suitcases), and a chance to get life back to normal. Don't get me wrong, staying at a hotel is lovely. Fresh towels, clean sheets, someone else takes out the trash, and a gorgeous pool to enjoy. But you can only have food that fits in the mini fridge, you have make your sandwich on the bathroom counter, take your clothes to the most ghetto laundry mat ever, and have to decide each night where you want to go to dinner. After 23 days, it gets old.

As I drove away from our apartment 2 months ago, I called my dad and said "Dad, moving is so much easier when you pay someone else to do it for you." Not so sure how much he appreciated it, although I did promise to never ask him to make me move, again. A dozen or so times was enough. I had no idea how true that statement really is until this week.

Tuesday we had a delivery of 'essential goods'. We had a few plates, cups, and bowls. Some pots and pans. 2 sets of towels. An air mattress and sheets. Just enough to spend the night when we will call home for the next 3 years. Here is just a glimpse of our day.
Taco Bell for lunch while we wait on the delivery of 'essential goods'.

our pet outside the master bedroom. No worries. He's not poisonous.

First dinner... sitting on an air mattress, using a plastic tote as a table. Wahoo! We didn't have to go out.

Wednesday brought the delivery of our house hold items. 6 crates, packed full of all our belongs. 
It was basically like Christmas morning. Who knows whats wrapped in all the brown paper. Or packed so delicately in the padded paper. However, we quickly realized ALL of our belonging had been packed in 2x4's and plywood and sitting on a boat for the 2 months it took to arrive here in Guam. Leaves you with a strange feeling. Did it all make it? I hope so. 

We are getting settled it. Unpacking our entire lives. Arranging and rearranging furniture. Hanging pictures. Dreaming of having a small flower and herb garden... okay that might be a little ambitious. As soon as we have everything in order we will post pictures and take you all on our little tour of our house on our rock in the middle of the pacific.

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