Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Top 10 conclusions and lessons learned from week 1

1. NO ONE is safe from the sun this close to the equator. If anyone ever wants to mail us anything we prefer Banana Boat. SPF 50 is a must!
2. Everything is "5 minutes" on the island. "Five minutes to the restaurant." "5 minutes till your table is ready." "He will be here in 5 minutes." "5 minutes to the closest Starbucks"... oh wait, no that's in Japan.
3. We could not survive with out the commissary. Second night here we stopped by "PayLess Groceries". Don't let the name deceive you. 1/2 gallon of milk, 2 boxes of cereal, bunch of grapes, 12 pack of coke, 1 bag of Doritos, couple of things of yogurt and $50 later we were out the door.
4. The Corolla would not have made it. It would have died in a pothole day 1. Thanks for the pre-shipment alignment on the purple people eater, Steve. Money well spent.
5. Japanese peoples hair gets frizzy too.
6. Guam has the only food court in the world with 21 food vendors... 2 taco stands, 1 pizza joint, 1 burger place, 2 icecream shops, 1 coffee cafe, and 14 places serving various Asian inspired dishes.
7. Pizza Hut will be a luxury. 1 large Stuffed Crust pizza for $28.99. (Bummer Grant)
8. The DMV can be a pleasant place to visit. Especially when everyone around you wants to know "how the family is" and the lady behind the desk gets to sing along with her favorite compilation of songs.
9. We have to figure out how to freeze ice thicker around here. My diet coke gets watered down way to fast.
10. No one in WNC should (have) ever complain about I-26. It's got nothing on the roads here.  Buckle up, hang on tight, and NEVER bring a full drink with you. (Yes, speaking from experience.)

Until next time, farewell from our rock in the middle of the Pacific.


  1. yall are so cute i almost can't stand it! and your post about asan beach brought a mist of tears to my eyes. steve would be searching for those pillboxes in person. such a history buff that guy is. have yall watched the hbo series 'the pacific'? whew. intense. wish we were there!

  2. DeeDee! Ryan has watched more of Pacific than I have. But yes, I totally know what you mean. INTENSE! When y'll come visit Ryan and Steve can go hunt. I was not dressed to go stomping through the woods that day. Love you guys!

    Leah. I like #5 too. Makes me not look so crazy with my out of control hair.